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Although frequently discussed in OCD forums, obsessive-compulsive symptoms centering on one’s feelings in intimate relationships (relationship OCD or ROCD) have only recently begun to be systematically explored.

The main aim of the Relationship Obsessive-Compulsive Research Unit (ROCD-RU) is to advance research of obsessive-compulsive symptoms focusing on intimate relationships in order to advance our treatment of what is commonly referred to as Relationship Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (ROCD).

Obsessive preoccupation towards the partner, the “rightness” of the relationship, partner’s feelings towards oneself and the perceived flaws (ROCD) can often ruin relationships and cause significant distress to oneself and the partner. Individuals showing such symptoms may spend hours a day thinking about, checking their own feelings and analyzing their own and their partner’s behaviors. ROCD is also associated with repeated reassurance seeking from others including one’s partner, friends and family.

If you have such symptoms, you are not alone. More than 3500 people visited this site in the last several months. In order to help us advance research and treatment of ROCD, we need to know more about it. Please help us increase knowledge of the causes, consequences and the experience of obsessive-compulsive symptoms relating to intimate-relationships.

  • Survey 1: In this survey you will be asked about relationship-related OC symptoms, perceptions of self, others and relationships in general. Click here to complete this online survey. Get friends and family to also complete this survey !!
  • Survey 2: In this survey you will be asked several open ended questions regarding your obsessional experiences in intimate-relationships and how these experiences impact on your functioning in several life domains such as relationships, occupational, academic, family, physical and leisure. Click here to complete this online .

We will post the initial results of the surveys soon in the next couple of months.

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