Podcast/videos on ROCD


Associate Prof. Guy Doron is interviewed by Stuart Ralph on GGRO — the new application to aid in the treatment of ROCD.



Show notes:

What questions have been asked at Guy’s talks (3:40)

Why is ROCD, OCD? (5:00)

The thought process behind the ROCD app (8:00)

Why long distance relationships can affect ROCD (17:00)

What ROCD sufferers have in common (20:10)

What Guy may research next (24:10)

Guy’s advice for living a good life (28:00)



See Opening Keynote given by A/Professor Guy Doron in Ankara, Turkey on the current state of ROCD related research.

Starts at (1:30)

Opening Keynote speech on ROCD research by A/Professor Guy Doron



See podcast of Associate Prof. Guy Doron interviewed on ROCD